Udemy – Simple and Advanced Topics of Animating 2D Characters


Create custom bone-based animated characters in Unity 3d,Work with sprite sheets in Unity. We’ll cover importing, slicing and setting up the pivot points.,Assemble bone based 2D characters, organize all the body parts in Hierarchy and prepare for animating.,Create Idle, Walk and Jump animations for your character. We’ll make a Jump animation with an interesting technique that involves Blend Trees. ,Configure transitions between animations in the Animator component. ,Write a simple controller script that will let our character move on the level and jump.,Use ScriptableObject assets to store outfits of your character. ,Apply outfits from your custom-made assets to your character changing the way he looks. ,Display extra clothing and decoration items like bracelets, necklaces as a part of your character’s outfit. ,Make characters with joints that will be able to “turn into” differently shaped characters while using the same animations.