Udemy – Python Data Science with Pandas: Master 12 Advanced Projects – Updated 2021


Advanced Real-World Data Workflows with Pandas you won´t find in any other Course.,Working with Pandas and SQL-Databases in parallel (getting the best out of two worlds),Working with APIs, JSON and Pandas to import large Datasets from the Web,Bringing Pandas to its Limits (and beyond…),Machine Learning Application: Predicting Real Estate Prices,Finance Applications: Backtesting & Forward Testing Investment Strategies + Index Tracking,Feature Engineering, Standardization, Dummy Variables and Sampling with Pandas,Working with large Datasets (millions of rows/columns),Working with completely messy/unclean Datasets (the standard case in real-world),Handling stringified and nested JSON Data with Pandas,Loading Data from Databases (SQL) into Pandas and vice versa,Loading JSON Data into Pandas and vice versa,Web-Scraping with Pandas,Cleaning large & messy Datasets (millions of rows/columns),Working with APIs and Python Wrapper Packages to import large Datasets from the Web,Explanatory Data Analysis with large real-world Datasets,Advanced Visualizations with Matplotlib and Seaborn