Udemy – Power BI DAX transition from SQL


You will learn how to write Power BI DAX expressions against SQL queries.,How to import raw data into SQL server for comparisons,Data Validation,How to write complex filters,Use of Select & Evaluate to fetch the Data,Selectcolumns function in DAX and SQL,How to sort results in DAX and SQL,How to create calculated column in DAX and SQL,Distinct records in DAX and SQL,How to fetch unique records using Summarize function,Power BI Coalesce function in DAX and SQL,Custom column using Summarize and Selectcolumns function,Countrows with Summarize for grouping,Naturalinnerjoin and Inner join in DAX and SQL,Having clause in DAX and SQL,Cross join in dax and SQL,Summarizecolumns in DAX and SQL,IN operator in DAX and SQL,Search string in DAX and SQL,TopN results in DAX and SQL,Generate with TopN in DAX and SQL