Udemy – NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-end Development


Becoming familiar with the NestJS framework and its components,Designing and developing REST APIs performing CRUD operations,Authentication and Authorization for back-end applications,Using TypeORM for database interaction,Security best practices, password hashing and storing sensitive information,Persisting data using a database,Deploying back-end applications at a production-ready state to Amazon Web Services,Writing clean, maintainable code in-line with industry standards,Utilising the NestJS Command Line Interface (CLI),Using Postman for testing back-end services,Using pgAdmin as an interface tool to manage PostgreSQL databases,Implement efficient logging in a back-end application,Environment-based configuration management and environment variables,Implementing data validation and using Pipes,Guarding endpoints for authorized users using Guards,Modelling entities for the persistence layer,TypeScript best practices,Handling asynchronous operations using async-await,Using Data Transfer Objects (DTO),Hands-on experience with JSON Web Tokens (JWT),Unit testing NestJS applications,Using GraphQL with NestJS,Database persistence with MongoDB