Udemy – Motivational Techniques To Improve Your Team Success


Autonomy and giving teams the freedom to self-organise in ways that improve team motivation,The importance of mastery in teams and how it incentivises teams and individuals to work harder,The power of purpose and how it generates sustainable level of intrinsic team motivation,What is intrinsic motivation and why its more powerful than extrinsic motivators such as rewards & punishment,How Agile principles requires teams to have a supportive environment within which they can make decisions,How traditional organisations rely on extrinsic motivators for team success and why this is unsustainable,How to liberate teams with autonomy so they can achieve much more success,Why Scrum says that teams must manage their own scope of work and timelines,Why managers should not be in daily update meetings and how this empowers the team,How mastery of a chosen craft unlocks potential in teams through self-directed training,How to constantly emphasize the importance of skills and learning in a team environment,The link between mastery and leadership and how this drives sustainable team motivation,The importance of a higher purpose that provides human-centred meaning for teams,How to co-create a statement of purpose with a team and embed it in everything they do,How to use your broader perspective and long term vision to inspire teams beyond their daily work