Udemy – Masters in Poster Designing with Adobe Photoshop


What is Poster?,Introduction to Poster Design,Need of the Poster Design,What is Graphic Design?,Introduction about Adobe Photoshop,Photoshop Pre-Settings,Photoshop User Interface,New Document Setup in Photoshop,JAZZ Event Poster Design with Adobe Photoshop,Small Research regarding Theme of the Design,Storyboard for Poster Design,Dummy Creation for Poster Design,Layout and Background Design,Selecting Suitable Images for Poster Design,Image Editing for Poster Design,Role of Typography in Poster Design,Exporting the Poster for various Formats,Food Poster Design with Adobe Photoshop,Tourism Poster Design with Adobe Photoshop,Poster Design Enhancement Work,Various Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop,Masking Technique in Adobe Photoshop,Graphic Designing