Udemy – Master Class on Time, Productivity and Stress Management


Develop personal plans and strategies to increase productivity, identify roadblocks that prevent you from being your most productive self.,Innovative Methods for Effective Time Usage and determine how your natural tendencies affect your productivity and ways to work with your natural tendencies instead of against them.,Discover prioritization frameworks and methods and use them to determine when you should perform tasks on your to-do list.,Learn key strategies to stop procrastinating, Prioritization hacks to manage your time and achieve work-life balance,Understand the dynamics of the 80/20 rule and how to make it work for you and how to apply Covey’s Urgency versus Importance matrix,Self-Assessment of Time Management, stress management, work life balance and discover self-time management personality profile,Strategies to allocate your time more efficiently and effectively and ways to create a productive and positive work environment,Describe various strategies you can use to maintain focus on your work and reduce distractions.