Udemy – Management Consulting Presentation Essential Training


Learn how to build a presentation like a management consultant from scratch,Explore the basic blocks of a McKinsey-styled presentation,Understanding storyboarding for business,Writing powerful key messages,Using dot-dash storyline and pyramid principle to craft a compelling storyline,Working with tables, words, and graphics,Using simple and complex charts to visualize insights,Apply plan-do-check-act cycle to create a management consulting presentation yourself,Managing presentation nerves,Setting up your room for presentation,Master the system that covers almost everything you need to create compelling, memorable, and persuasive business presentations,Tips for handling a Q&A section,Understand essential body language techniques of public speaking,Learn how to write cover page, agenda, and executive summary like a management consultant,Learn the complete consulting presentation list to give an outstanding business presentation,Understand how to prioritize findings from many analyses,Tips for finding the right data quickly