Udemy – Lithium-Ion Batteries: How are cathode materials made?


The full flowsheet of battery making with special focus on cathode materials,At the end you will know what it takes to make cathode materials and be able to read metallurgical flowsheets,Where to find Cobalt, Nickel and Lithium ores and how to mine them (mineralogy basics, crushing, screening, froth flotation),Pyrometallurgical steps to retrieve Cobalt and Nickel out of the ores (roasting, smelting, converting),Hydrometallurgical steps to retrieve Cobalt and Nickel from Matte (leaching, refining, precipitation, solvent extraction and much more),Lithium extraction and refining (from ores and from brine),Preparation of cathode material (precursor precipitation, lithiation, calcination, post processing, surface coating, alternative approaches),Battery Assembly (electrode slurry, calendaring, drying, assembly with separator and anode, winding, electrolyte filling, formation and assembly to battery),Recycling of Spent Lithium Ion Batteries (battery life cycle, recycling flowsheet, treatment of small portable batteries, recycling of large batteries)