Udemy – Linux Basics and Shell Programming Certification Training


End-to-end knowledge of Unix/Linux systems, administration,Prepare for CompTIA Linux+ Certifications,Shell Programming from scratch,Introduction to Unix/Linux,Unix filesystem (Linux Directories),Linux Basic Commands,Handling files and directories,Working with vi (visual editor along with 3 modes),Linux documentation,File utilities – Standard I/O, redirection and pipes, File descriptors, File access rights,Linux Utilities – Disk utilities, Process utilities, Text processing utilities,Compressing and archiving (backup and restore) utilities,User management, time management and shutdown,System administrative basics – Networking, File systems and devices, Package management,Shells and Shell Programming (BASH),Command line interpreters and SSH,How to write a shell script?,Variables, Quotes, Test commands, Conditional statements, Repetitive statements,Conditional execution, Functions, Signal Handling,Commands such as kill, trap, shift,Command line processing and command line arguments,Processing command line options (getopts),Utilities: cut, join, tr, awk, sed, uniq, grep