Udemy – Japanese language course: MISJ NOVICE PROGRAM LEVEL 1


Finish learning Hilagana & Katakana reading and writing, and some Kanji will be introduced. ✔The topics of conversation introduced in the WELCOME PROGRAM such as greetings and talking about people, places & things are expanded. ✔New conversational topics are; inviting someone to join you, how to ask questions to ELDERS/SUPERIORS/OUTSIDERS, talking about schedule, and talking about existence. ✔New topics of grammar are; how to use new VERBS, how to add the MEANS & the COUNTERPART information, how to use ADVERBS in VERB sentences, and several 「ますFORM」based expressions. Also, a lot of training is given so that students become able to smoothly convert BASIC Information to HEADLINE or ALSO Information.