Udemy – Git & GitHub For Beginners – Master Git and GitHub (2021)


Understand some “Common Problems” developers face,Learn what is Version Control System (VCS),Download & Install Git Source Control System,Create “First Git Project” (Initialize a Git Repository),Learn the key concepts of “Git Basic Workflow”,Understand the difference between “Untracked” and “Tracked” files,3 stages: Working Directory – Staging Area – Repository,Learn Git Common Commands – “status”, “add”, “commit”, “log”,Review Changes using “git diff”,Unstage & Revert,Remove a file from Git Repository,Introduction to GitHub [Remote Version Control System],Create a GitHub account,Configure Remote GitHub repository with Local Git,PUSH Local Repository to GitHub Repository,Creating New Repository on GitHub,Clone, Fork and Pull,GitHub: Raw, Blame, and History,GitHub: Watch, Star and Fork,GitHub Issues & Labels,Git Premium Content Visualization,Branching – Theory + Hands-On,Merging – Process, Steps, and Merge Techniques,Merge – Fast Forward,Merge – Recursive Merging (3-way),Conflict Resolution – General Intro + Usage