Udemy – Fundamentals of Mathematics


SETS: Introduction, Names, Types and Forms of sets. Solve numerical problems,SET OPERATIONS: Introduction, types, properties, laws of set operation.,DE MORGRAN’S LAWS: De Morgan’s First Law and De Morgan’s Second Law with relevant examples,VENN DIAGRAMS: Venn diagrams for subsets, disjoint, overlapping, complement and difference of sets. Then some solved numericals,BINARY OPERATIONS: Introduction, Properties, Addition Laws, Multiplication Laws with applications and some solved problems,NUMBER SYSTEM: Real numbers, Complex numbers, Derivations, Verification, conjugate, modulus, Properties of equality & Inequality, Addition Laws, Multiplication Laws and some solved problems,COORDINATE SYSTEM: Cartesian coordinate system; x-y plane, complex plane, Polar coordinate system; real plane, complex plane. Some solved numerical problems,GROUPS: Categories; Groupoid, Monoid, Semi-Group, Group, Abelian Group. Some solved problems