Udemy – Forex Trading: The Complete Guide for Beginners

Know the basics of trading and how option trading works,Learn why you should stay away from unregulated markets,Learn lots of powerful trading strategies,Keep risk at the lowest level with our money management system,Learn a powerful method on how to look at your money,Learn lots of information on the typical trading life-cycle,Learn why re-investing profits is important,Learn about trading patterns,Read charts, install and set up the meta trader, finding the right entry, etc…,Know which tools you need to get started (how to install & use them),Analyze a real-time chart (with LIVE CASE STUDY),Use basic indicators to analyze and read charts to get more insightful information before placing a trade,Discover my special custom indicator that will allow you to maximize profits,Set up a broker account and find the best ones in the marketplace,Do paper trading and information on when you should use it,Set up your personal money management system,Learn about safe trading, medium trading and “chess” management,My top tips on how many trades you should place per day,SET UP YOUR FIRST TRADE: In our live-trading session, you’ll get a feeling for how to place an offer successfully!

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