Udemy – DevOps Engineering – Git, GitHub, Maven, JUnit, Log4j


Introduction to DevOps,Git and GitHub, Apache Maven, JUnit, Log4j,Become a DevOps Engineer and/or Project Manager,Version Control System,Git Introduction, Installation, Workflow,Working with Repositories and Creating Remote Repository,Add existing project to GitHub using Git Bash,Deleting Files,Working with Branches,Maven Introduction, Downloading and Installing Maven,Maven Repositories,Creating Maven Standalone Project in CLI,What are JAR, WAR, EAR files,Maven Build Life Cycle,Developing Standalone Maven Project in Non-Interactive Mode,Running Test Cases with Maven,Creating Maven Web Project in CLI,Creating Maven Standalone Project and Maven Web Project through IDE,Adding Dependencies to pom xml,Dependency Chain and Maven Scopes,JUnit Introduction and Adding JUnit5 dependency in Maven project,JUnit5 Annotations and @RepeatedTest Annotation,JUnit5 Assertions and Timeouts,JUnit5 Expected Exceptions,JUnit5 Parameterized Tests,JUnit5 How to run Unit Test with Maven,JUnit5 Tagging and Filtering,Hamcrest Framework,Unit Testing on Spring Boot Repository,Spring Boot Integration Testing,Introduction to Log4j,Log4j Components and Implementation,Working with Log4j Properties