Udemy – Deep Learning with Keras


Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks,Understand Deep Learning with Keras,Take a big step towards becoming a Deep Learning / Machine Learning engineer,Keras overview, features, benefits,Keras installation,Keras – Models, Layers and Modules,Keras Models – Sequential Model, Functional API,Keras Layers – Dense Layers, Dropout Layers, Convolution Layers, Pooling Layers,Keras Modules,Keras – Model Compilation, Evaluation and Prediction,Loss, Optimizer, Metrics, Compile the Model,Model Training, Model Evaluation, Model Prediction,Life-Cycle for Neural Network Models in Keras,Define Network, Compile Network, Fit Network, Evaluate Network, Make Predictions,Building your first Neural Network with Keras,Building a Multilayer Perceptron neural network,Building Image Classification Model with Keras,Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) & its layers