Udemy – Data Science & Deep Learning for Business™ 20 Case Studies


Understand the value of data for business,Solve common business problems in Marketing, Sales, Customer Clustering, Banking, Real Estate, Insurance, Travel and more!,Python, Pandas, Matplotlib & Seaborn, SkLearn, Keras, Tensorflow, NLTK, Prophet, PySpark, MLLib and more!,Machine Learning from Linear Regressions (polynomial & multivariate), K-NNs, Logistic Regressions, SVMs, Decision Trees & Random Forests,Unsupervised Machine Learning with K-Means, Mean-Shift, DBSCAN, EM with GMMs, PCA and t-SNE,Build a Product Recommendation Tool using collaborative & item/content based,Hypothesis Testing and A/B Testing – Understand t-tests and p values,Natural Langauge Processing – Summarize Reviews, Sentiment Analysis on Airline Tweets & Spam Detection,To use Google Colab’s iPython notebooks for fast, relaible cloud based data science work,Deploy your Machine Learning Models on the cloud using AWS,Advanced Pandas techniques from Vectorizing to Parallel Processsng,Statistical Theory, Probability Theory, Distributions, Exploratory Data Analysis,Predicting Employee Churn, Insurance Premiums, Airbnb prices, credit card fraud and who to target for donations,Big Data skills using PySpark for Data Manipulation and Machine Learning,Cluster customers based on Exploratory Data Analysis, then using K-Means to detect customer segments,Build a Stock Trading Bot using re-inforement learning,Apply Data Science & Analytics to Retail, performing segementation, analyzing trends, determining valuable customers and more!,How to apply Data Science in Marketing to improve Conversion Rates, Predict Engagement and Customer Life Time Value