Udemy – Complete 10 Day Task in 1 Day: Time Management For Everyone


Analyze your time investments by identifying expectations, experiences, and results,By learning time perception of the brain, understand why the time passes slowly or quickly and learn how to control it,Plan every step to your goals and learn how to plan based on finishing a job,Learn how to activate Striatum, the brain’s area to start a job,By learning the brain’s reactions, understand how to get maximum productivity with the reasons behind,Use emotional intelligence to boost your mood and work more productive,Challenge yourself and your environment and encourage to work more productive,Use 3 essential requirements of the brain to work more productive (food, water, and sleep),Discover why are you procrastinating and learn how to solve it personally,Make a habit of giving deadlines and focus on finishing a job with Parkinson’s law,Use habits and routines to improve productivity,Discover invisible harms of the notifications and take precautions,Use the trilogy of the time management effectively (calendar, to-do list, note),Understand the negative effects of multitasking, indecision and take precautions,Prepare a personalized plan based on your goals, routines and weekly plan,Fill your dead times with beneficial jobs and bring value to your invisible times,Find 20% of a result-based and valuable part of a job based on 80/20 principle,With the help of the practice videos, don’t get stuck in theory and apply methods to your life