Udemy – Communication Skills To Double Your Impact In The Workplace


The power of story-telling to tap into human emotions so your message has more impact & retention,Brevity in communications and the importance of cutting back words and unnecessary content in your message,The importance of clarity in all types of communications to ensure the highest impact for your audience,Email management practices that will help you get on top of your inbox and stand out in other people’s inboxes,Practical things you can do in online meetings to stand out and demonstrate engagement and contribution,Group communications such as Whatsapp groups and smaller audiences that use efficient, digital communications,Larger scale messaging such as for events and getting big groups of people to take action,Verbal communication in 1:1 settings, meetings and other contexts when it still matters what you say and how you say it,The “hero’s quest” story telling pattern and how you should make your audience the hero of your story,The difference in communicating messages across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc,The preview principle for writing emails that people will read, receive your message and take action,How to write emails that have attachments to avoid “lazy email etiquette” and ensure you deliver value to your recipient,The importance of writing with clear action words as verbs and nouns (person, place, thing) as subjects,Don’t start processing email at the beginning of the day because this wasting good thinking time on administrative activity,The 3 sentence rule for composing emails to ensure you get your message across with high impact and retention,Calls to action in emails and practical steps to ensure that people know what they need to do as part of a plan,Switch your camera on when you are introducing yourself or presenting in online meetings,Use the chat feature in online meetings with context and proper intent to engage meaningfully,The importance of good slide design and well prepared presentations in online meetings,Only communicate something on a group messaging environment which is useful for everyone,Use the group description to provide the rules of the group to everyone with principles for engagement,Principles of digital citizenship like authenticity, respect, humility and the importance of communicating as a digital citizen,Understand the different intentions and audience expectations of various social media platforms,The importance of managing your audience’s expectations when you communicate in different channels,Communicating with large groups of people by diversifying your messaging and increasing frequency closer to action,Verbal communication with your boss, co-workers, meetings and larger groups of people,Listen to understand, not to form your reply and try and use the word “done” as often as possible to build credible messaging