Udemy – Chess for Beginners – Learn Chess Strategy From Scratch


You will learn all the fundamentals of chess,You will learn how to play chess like a pro,You will learn strategy, game theory, and time management,The Basics – How pieces move, etc.,The Main Opening Principles,Controlling the Center if the Board,Developing Pieces,Developing Minor Pieces Vs Major Pieces,Trading Pieces in the Opening,Developing your Queen,Which Side Should you Castle?,Middle Game Tactics,Forking,Pinning,Discovered Attacks,Double Checks,The Fundamentals of Pawn Structure,Double Bishop Advantage,Doubling up Rooks,How Games End in a Draw,Endgame Fundamentals,Common Opening Traps,Common Opening Mistakes,Trading Pieces with Purpose,Common Chess Openings,Common Mistakes for Beginners,How to Progress Faster