Udemy – B2B Sales Masterclass: The Complete Course for Beginners


The ABC of B2B sales from the STRATEGY TO DEAL CLOSURE,How to be in the top 8-10% of sales people that drive 80% of sales,How to identify and deploy the right sales strategies for your product/ solution and company,How to generate QUALITY leads and building a solid sales funnel that keeps churning solid leads,How to write the right kind of emails/ LinkedIn invites to get prospects to talk to you,How to research your prospects well to unearth the right pressure points,How to structure a meeting right to get the correct takeaways,PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE: The best way to shorten your deal cycle,FOCUS: the way to drastically IMPROVE YOUR CONVERSION,Man to man marking and how to borrow SOCIAL CREDIBILITY,Brand building in the world of sales,CLOSING A DEAL IN STYLE