Udemy – Applied Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Zero to Elite


Learning +200 modern Linux tools & commands with their use-cases,Handling basic to complex real-work Linux projects: network, security, system visibility, etc.,Project-based shell scripting & automation: writing a backup tool, a password manager, etc.,Terminal productivity using Tmux, Git, Oh My Zsh, Nerd Font, Windows Terminal, etc.,Manage Linux components in shell e.g. networking, disks, processes, users, etc.,Advanced system visibility using sysdig & CSysdig (Lua Scripts),Problem-solving mindset, both in theory & do-along,Linux Networking & DNS, Route & adapter management with iproute2, etc.,In-Depth IPTables e.g. filter, nat, mangle etc.,Dive in Linux Firewall,Covering complete SSH Technologies OpenSSH Server, SSH Port Forwarding & Tunneling, SOCKS Proxy, etc.,Task automation using cron & other daemons,Get the most out of 1-second booting subsystem-Linux: WSL2,Installation & setting up a virtual Linux Lab (VirtualBox),Vendor-neutral approach, supporting any Linux Distros inspired by LPIC Certification