Udemy – Advanced Heat Transfer: Thermal Radiation


Classify electromagnetic radiation, and identify thermal radiation,Understand the idealized blackbody, and calculate the total and spectral blackbody emissive power,Calculate the fraction of radiation emitted in a specified wavelength band using the blackbody radiation functions,Understand the concept of radiation intensity, and define spectral directional quantities using intensity,Develop a clear understanding of the properties emissivity, absorptivity, relflectivity, and transmissivity on spectral, directional, and total basis,Apply Kirchhoff’s law to determine the absorptivity of a surface when its emissivity is known,Define view factor, and understand its importance in radiation heat transfer calculations,Develop view factor relations, and calculate the unknown view factors in an enclosure by using these relations,Calculate radiation heat transfer between black surfaces,Determine radiation heat transfer between diffuse and gray surfaces in an enclosure using the concept of radiosity,Quantify the effect of radiation shields on the reduction of radiation heat transfer between two surfaces