Udemy – Advance Bug Bounty Hunting & Penetration Testing Course 2021


Advance Bug Bounty Practical Training.,Advance Ethical Hacking Practical Training.,Advance Penetration Testing Training.,Pwning Linux Machine.,Pwning Windows Machine.,Setup your first Amazon EC2 Instance (Elastic Compute Cloud).,Post Exploitation Attacks.,Finding and Submitting Bug Reports.,Automating Bug Hunting Tasks.,Setup and Install Kali Linux VM on VMWare Workstation.,Basic Linux Networking, Files & Folders and Extra Commands.,Learn to Setup and Use Burpsuite.,Automation using burpsuite to find Sensitive/Critical Files.,Exploiting XSS (Cross Site Scripting) using Beef Framework and Injecting Malicious Commands.,Local File Inclusion (LFI) and Remote File Inclusion (RFI) Vulnerabilities.