Module 2: Core Concepts, Advanced Techniques, Building Your Business

and Increasing Performance

Webinar 01: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Trading…But Were Afraid To Ask!

Webinar 02: Choosing Your Market To Specialise In

Webinar 03: Revisiting The SFP – Advanced Techniques For Trading The Setup

Webinar 04: Trading General Pattern Failure

Webinar 05: Market Mapping

Webinar 06: Constructing A Complete Trading Plan Part 1

Webinar 07: Constructing A Complete Trading Plan Part 2

Webinar 08: Techniques For Growing A Small Account

Webinar 09: Trading Psychology

Webinar 10: Drawing On The Knowledge Of Other Professionals

Webinar 11: Increasing Trader Performance

Webinar 12: How To Get A Job As A Trader

The two modules cover my complete strategy for swing trading the financial markets.

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Trader Dante – Core Concepts Advanced Techniques Building Your Business Contents: Videos