The Way of the Kettlebell - Steve Cotter - MindValley

Learn how to keep fit, stay active and experience

a full body workout at home — with just a kettlebell

Kettlebells are one of the most powerful ways to work out at home and get remarkably fast results. Here’s how…

You will learn how to create a kettlebell routine that you can bring into your life in just a few minutes a week. The Warm Up episode starts with a training on the principles and basics of Kettlebells. Following this you learn Joint Mobility Routines. This is something we recommend you do every day as a warm up to keep you safe from injury.

By Day 2, you’re learning how to move and use Kettlebells for transforming your health. Each day up to Day 6 you learn a new refinement. But please note: You are using Kettlebells at your own risk and by using this training, you take all responsibility for any injury.

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