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The Desire System is a collaboration between The Social Man and David Tian (aka as The Asian Rake), director of Aura Transformation.

It teaches men how to activate a woman’s emotions and make her feel pure desire. It is designed to make women feel how you feel (e.g., If you like her then she will like you). It addresses how you feel and why you feel the way you do, in order to establish a mutual connection of desire with a woman.

This is emotionally mature and effective system for attracting women and improving the quality of your relationships – with women, and in general in life.

It’s most appropriate for men who are prepared to put in a lot of effort to transform their dating life and how they experience it and who are interested in self improvement and growth in general. Intellectually minded people will connect with this course the most deeply. For this reason, I think this is a great course either for a beginner who is intellectual, or for an advanced student who wants to specifically improve his emotional impact with women and people in general.

A situation where I’d strongly recommend you consider this course: If you feel de-emotionalized, unconnected with women (and others) and have constant problems with ‘dissatisfaction in relationships’, or relationships not lasting more than a few months. You need to tackle your emotions, free them up and bring them into your life and dating – this course has a lot of material to help with this.

Table of Contents


– Who is Dr. David Tian

– How did he develop the Desire System?

Part 2: The System in Action

– Demonstration of the system

– How simple it is to use

Part 3: The Science of Attraction

– What is attraction?

– The foundations

– The latest in science

Part 4: The Approach

– Starting a conversation

– Making the perfect first impression on a woman

Part 5: Connection

– How to build trust and a connection with a woman

Part 6: Humor & Vulnerability

– Techniques to build that spark with a woman

Part 7: Jason Capital (Dating Coach)

– Discusses the power of sexual tension

– How to make women want you

Part 8: Sexuality

– Escalation techniques

Part 9: On Neediness

– Troubleshooting fear, nervousness, and neediness

Part 10: On Self-Esteem

– Improving your confidence and your life

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Size: 611 MB