SEX POSITIONS So you’re looking to take your sex life to the next level? You want to become a master at sex? Do you want your partner begging for more? well then keep reading… Sex is more than just an expression of animalistic instincts; it is an art. It is an expression of your sexuality and most of all your identity. It is also the expression of your love, lust, and affection for your partner. But, while sex is a primal human need, people are not born with great sex skill. To increase your sexual satisfaction, you must master the art of sex. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this book will teach you the revolutionary secrets and tips towards making your partner reach climax every night you do the dirty. Millions of people are taking a lot longer towards becoming a master in bed because they are unaware of the G-Spot stimulating sex positions in this book, while also having no idea what to do during and the lead up to intercourse. You may also be unaware of these life changing tips and secrets which is forcing boring sex and ultimately a boring relationship for you and your partner. If you’re looking for a realistic, how to, satisfying sex positions guide that guarantees orgasms, then you’ve come to the right place with everything you need to know about sex, in one book. Sex Positions by Max Bush takes your self life to a whole new level with more than 50 of the most climax stimulating Sex Positions known.

Here Is What You Will Discover…

  • Orgasmic, Climax Sex
  • Beginner Sex positions
  • Intermediate Sex Positions
  • Advanced Sex Positions (Mainly)
  • How to Guide on Each Position
  • How to Make the Position Hotter/Sexier
  • Mastering the art and lead up to sex
  • The 6 most important yoga Exercises for flexibility and strength training performance
  • The 4 secrets of Tantric Sex love making to build a stronger relationship with your partner
  • Top 5 secrets towards Men lasting longer in bed
  • How you can transition from an intermediate to an advanced Sex God
  • 50+ G-Spot stimulating Sex Positions Much, much more!

Even just applying some of the tips and secrets in this book will allow you to become significantly better in the bedroom. Boost your sexual confidence and make your parter scream for more, leaving them in disbelief at what they just experienced.


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Sex Positions Contents: epub