ten game




TenGame is…

a hard-hitting, high-voltage, extreme octane experience powered by the earth-shattering brilliance of a pickup virtuoso.

It will shatter, smash, and dramatically revolutionize game as we know it.

TenGame will harness your self-expression, moves you past the labels, masks, and identities that you have created for yourself, and get you back in touch with your true essence.

Everyone around you will be awe-struck in amazement, you will be getting massive results – and everyone around you will wonder how you’re doing it.

Because TenGame encourages you to bring your REAL SELF out, you will achieve a new level of mastery.

Once you go through it, you will finally be meeting yourself for the first time – YOU… WILL… BE… REBORN.

TenGame gives you the encouragement and guidance to move through any barrier in front of you, and reach a new plateau when it comes to self-expression, self-empowerment, and self-mastery.

TenGame places you upon your seat of power…

And from that seat of power, you will see things differently.

As soon as you get TenGame, you will find yourself in a new reality.

It’s right before your eyes… it’s right there in front of you… and as soon as you see it, you will never see things the same way again.

TenGame is…

the KEY to unlocking your inner reality, it’s the only way to change your perception and re-shift your focus back on the being.

TenGame opens the door to a new state of BEING… a state of KNOWING.

TenGame creates the room you need for the “being” to come out.

This is what you need to get you to the next level…

This is what will push you into a new reality…

This is the key… to unlock the door… to the new you.

With TenGame, you will…

  • Stop feeling like you constant have to “fix yourself” in order to be enough…
  • Finally break through those sticking points you’ve had… maybe you just discovered a new one, or maybe you have had them for a long time – TenGame will help!
  • Re-connect with what makes YOU… YOU… and use that to your advantage in every situation.
  • No longer need motivation to go out, because you will be coming from the right BEING…
  • Make the game work for you… instead of you having to work for the game.
  • Recapture the passion and excitement of the game, as if today was your first day… that childish sense of exploration, that new-game smell – re-live it again and again!
  • Go out and have a free-flowing experience every single time – have a good night out, EVERY NIGHT.
  • Create those great stories that you can tell your kids or grandkids about someday (or create some kids or grandkids in the process… who knows!)
  • …and much, much more…

Table of Contents:

– Theory: Know What to Do
– Infield: Emotionally Recognize It
– Exercises: Internalize the Core Concepts

Law 01 – Get out of your own way
Law 02 – Offer value
Law 03 – Make yourself feel good
Law 04.1 – Be real
Law 04.2 – Be real
Law 05.1 – Communicate clearly
Law 05.2 – Communicate clearly
Law 06 – Think win win
Law 07.1 – Get better, not bitter
Law 07.2 – Get better, not bitter
Law 08 – Play to win
Law 09 – Play the paradoxes
Law 10 – Apply this to your life

Infield 01: Offering Value – 1.mp4
Infield 02: Taking Value – 5.mp4
Infield 03: Openers Compilation – 6.mp4
Infield 04: Walking Sets – 7.mp4
Infield 05: Rejections Compilation – 8.mp4
Infield 06: Merging Sets – 9.mp4
Infield 07: Warming Up – 10.mp4
Infield 08: Long Set Pull – 12.mp4
Infield 09: Late Night Number – 13.mp4
Infield 10: Late Night Pull (Feat. Bradd) – 2.mp4
Infield 11: Late Night Pull (Feat. Owen) – 3.mp4
Infield 12: Advanced Infield Footage (Bonus) – 4.mp4

Exercise 1 – Communicate Clearly
Exercise 2 – Talk non-stop for 2 minutes
Exercise 3 – Eliminate all filters
Exercise 4 – Be more expressive
Exercise 5 – Word associate
Exercise 6 – Draw state from within
Exercise 7 – Remain grounded – 8.mp4


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