Over 33 videos of HIGH QUALITY CONTENT

…going DEEP into self-actualization, the subconscious mind,  and true transformation within.

Not to mention, the MOST PRACTICAL/STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE of how to do it.


After this, there is NO GOING BACK

It’s time for you to become the person you were meant to be,  and live a life of your own design.

Transformation Mastery is A CUTTING-EDGE CURRICULUM Designed to Make You Happy, Fit, Healthy, and Get You More Love, Sex and Success than Ever Before.

Transformation Mastery is the FIRST EVER step-by-step guide to pulling yourself out  of the black hole of self-doubt, and reaching a PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION WITHIN.

Transformation Mastery is a LETHALLY EFFECTIVE DOSE of personal change STRAIGHT TO YOUR HEART!

…anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, right from your computer.



With each section, we are going to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of the subconscious, uncovering hidden truths and new meanings that have long been suppressed.

We are going to be waking you up from the nonsense, internalizing a NEW PARADIGM,

and exploring deep into your subconscious in order to make this a

PERMANENT CHANGE that will last with you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Part 01 – Awareness

Getting to the Cause

GET TO THE CAUSE of your reality.

Like Neo in The Matrix…

Your head will smash full-force into a brand new reality that has been hidden from you.

You will experience epiphany on top of epiphany on top of epiphany…

until your mind literally EXPLODES from the TRANSFORMATION.

  • This section will get you to the ROOT-CAUSE of your inner doubt and be able to pinpoint exactly what is holding you back from building the business you want, getting the girls you want, or finding the happiness you deserve.

  • Stop beating around the bush, stop prioritizing the wrong things, and focus on the #1 priority that really matters – TRUE HAPPINESS.

  • You will “tune in” to a reality of true abundance, get back in touch with your body and emotions, and break out of the prison of scarcity and start FEELING GOOD.

Realize what paradigm you are in, bring awareness to it,

and come face-to-face with the current reality of your existence…

From there, we are going to take that paradigm,

we are going optimize it, and then SNAP YOU OUT OF IT.

Part 02 – Proof

Transformation isn’t about hopes and wishes.

It is about RESULTS.

Understand the 3 Steps to Letting Go,


Embrace the Process, and BREAK FREE of the Addiction to the

Constant State of Anxiety, Misery, and Being STUCK


  • Let go of the false assumption of scarcity, find the ABSOLUTE BEST PROCESS for establishing long-term internal transformation.

  • Explore a NEW DIMENSION of self-discovery, dive deep in, and start swimming in the river of opportunity and abundance.

  • Embark on an INNER JOURNEY, START WITH THE CAUSE, and DIAL-IN to your new-found sense of clarity, freedom, and ease.

Automatically let go of ALL negative thoughts and emotions.

  • Learn how to accept without “understanding” – this will allow you to experience every paradigm fully without getting stuck in your head or over-analyzing.

  • Become TRULY aware, and re-wire your instinctual reflexes to respond more accurately and effectively in every situation.

  • Learn how to take what you are feeling and experiencing, and transform it into a powerful catalyst for you to use in order to skyrocket your results.

Experience a lighter feeling within yourself that transfers over

into every thought, every emotion, and every action.

Part 03 – Permanence

Transformation isn’t about hopes and wishes.

Take the spurts of progress and turn them into


Transformation Mastery will take your temporary successes,

turn them into permanent improvements, and cement them into your new-found reality.

Your weaknesses will become your strengths,

Your vulnerabilities will become your advantages,

Your losses will become your victories.

The Subconscious Mind

Discover how the Subconscious Mind is responsible

for EVERYTHING you do…

  • Becoming aware of your subconscious and establish ULTIMATE INNER PEACE.

  • Figure out how the subconscious mind works, and learn how to decode it.

  • Decompress the clutter that has been ingrained upon you since day one.

Learn How to Harness Your Subconscious

And Use It as a Guiding Compass for Your Life.

If that was not enough, I also included:

Guided Morning Release + Guided Evening Release

Come with me as I guide you into your subconscious in a morning and night time release.

These will become staples in your routine – tools to bring you back to center day in and day out.

Guided Subconscious Release

All of the Content Inside Transformation Mastery is REINFORCED

With a POWERFUL Guided Subconscious Release

LET GO of Your Negative Beliefs,

Turn Your Past Into Your BIGGEST Strength, and Tap Into INSTANT HAPPINESS!

Transformation Mastery ALSO Includes:

GROUND-BREAKING Transformational Infield

This footage is included to show you the way forward, once you see someone else “let go”, it will become easier to do it yourself.

Issues addressed in these videos include:

  • What to Do If You’re Stuck In Your Head

  • What to Do If You Can’t Laugh

  • What to Do If You Have Social Anxiety

  • What to Do If You’re A People Pleaser

  • What to Do If You’re Experiencing Resistance

  • What to Do If You’re A Class Clown

  • What to Do If You’re A Self-Help Junkie

  • What to Do If You Can’t Be Real


Bonus 01 – Step-By-Step Guide To Surviving A Life Crisis And Coming Out Stronger

Bonus 02 – Guided Release – How To Let Go of Social Anxiety

Bonus 03 – Mentor Manifesto – The Technical Side of Game

Bonus 04 – Top Secret Lessons From The “Dating World” That Anyone Can Apply To Life!

Julien Blanc,

PS: I completely understand that learning is definitely not easy when you have no direction whatsoever.

Transformation Mastery is truly my “masterpiece”.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into making the easiest and best Self-Development product on the market for ANYONE at ANY LEVEL.



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