..Knowing The

‘Secret to Women’

is Just the Beginning


If you want Consistent Success with Women & are TIRED of ‘Inner Game’ Work & Knew Something Still Wasn’t Right, Then it’s Time for

Alpha Relational Dynamics

Isn’t it time for real answers to women, their behavior

and how-to predictably succeed with them in new relationships?

Alpha Relational Dynamics

It’s what you probably have been looking for all your life.  To have that level of applied cognition and power that would also spill over into every area of your life.


It’s not even just a 400+ page eBook.  It’s over 10 hours of audio on 9 CD’s and it’s over 5 hours of video on 4 DVD’s as well.

It’s important that I train you VISUALLY so you can clearly see through relational mapping and root female character differentiation.

YES, you will be looking at lots of photos of sexy and strong women.  I will teach you to truly know how to deal with all of these powers so that you can ultimately see the ‘good’ within women and find them enjoyable.


This breakthrough new program which is guaranteed to be unlike ANYTHING else in the industry (or any industry) will help you:

●TRULY overcome behavioral incongruencies around beautiful, sexy and high status women so that they can FINALLY respond to you and let the game BEGIN

●Fearlessly be able to deal with the most powerful and beautiful women in the world by never dropping in character around them

●Become a man who is comfortable in his own skin, who has self-control and personal authority

●Have WOMEN helping you and chasing you instead of you having to do ‘all of the work’

●Have REAL, core physiological and LASTING change that CANNOT be done no matter how many HOT body language or flirting techniques you go through to try and ‘act’ the part.

This is REAL change because we’re dealing with the elements themselves.  Other teachers are primarily dealing with impure relational elements and hence use band-aid solutions that are ‘hit and miss’.  You will not get that ’empty’ feeling upon settling back home after a bootcamp.

●Live in true independent character while never giving up your power for anyone

●Choose the relationships you want to have

●Have the personal power to be ahead of your competition including PUA’s and much better looking or wealthier men than you who are actively TRYING and out there

●Experience much higher close ratio’s than ever in your life because women can finally trust you to be yourself

●Become and represent ‘what women want’ by BEING that man of high character

●Attract women to you like never before because their intuition is now on YOUR side.  Look, there is a lot of stuff out there that talks about this but almost all of it deals with the surface and end result ‘action’ instead of the ROOT physiological change and how to create that in the first place

●Finally just being able to be yourself and ‘say anything’ around women

●Never having to put on your game face

●BEING COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN around all beauty and power because you already are rooted in your relationship to it (this is priceless and it’s what women want)

●Develop an intuition that rivals many women (I have done this and the world is a lot more fascinating..you will be balancing yourself out)

●Be able to see easily who is interested in you as well as the other types of relationships (including power) in any environment.  You will be able to do this like a Jason Bourne or 007 because you will become ‘aware’ AND higher in your natural character

●Be able to see through any level of pornstar sexiness right in front of you to the real woman inside.  This skill is priceless because about ALL other men FAIL no matter their ‘approach’

●Know when it’s perfectly ‘safe’ to approach a woman who is giving you any kind of sign

●Be able to learn ANY skill faster because of applying Relational Dynamics

●Overcome your emotional responses around women

●Finally being able to HOLD eye contact with anyone including the most beautiful women.  Remember that this is core change from WITHIN because you are putting yourself into proper alignment and leveraging attributes that only the most powerful and effective men are fully using

●Represent within your character much more than your own ‘Inner Character’ EVER could

●Having women be the one’s who start melting and shaking on the inside as a response to your nonverbal strength

●Finally being able to approach and effectively talk to the MOST beautiful and desired women even if they’re social status is off the charts in comparison to yours

●Know exactly what types of yellow and red flags there are in any relationship

●Save yourself from playing a numbers game of little effectiveness

●Prevent rejection ENTIRELY

●Avoid con artists and unhealthy relationships completely

●Have the BALLS to stand up to challenges because you will have assimilated the leveraged powers of universal truths and nature on your side

●Let go of a lifetime of compound repression and confusion that has purposely and clearly been placed upon you for a reason that will make you sick

“Your pit of knowledge is so deep that since I read about it, I’m realizing new things everyday. OK… I came here to visit 3 friends of mine (girls), but since they are only friends I looked for somebody else in Lilles. I found a cute blond with blue eyes there on first night(on a tuesday night). After 2 days I left to visit Bruges; but since I had only one day I didn’t want any girl, I just had enough time to visit. I still go out for a few drinks before going to sleep.

In the club, when going back from the toilets, a girl grabs me and starts dancing with, and I somehow lay back on her friend on the wall and they were dancing one in front, one behind. The girl behind is like… ok… and puts her arms on my shoulders to sleep.

We ended up together for the night and next day She’s as tall as me, hands and feets almost as big as me lol (I’m 6′). Both skipped courses to spend some time with me before I left..”.

– Etienne (consulting student of mine)

●The different type of true yet hidden relationships that exist that others cannot see

●How you’ve been influenced beyond fathoming


●How to leverage the power of all great people and history itself in your side

●Cognition of the true power relationships that exist

●Find yourself stepping into the ‘hero’s role’ and that you don’t mind standing up for yourself because you’re grounded on leveraged powers that are on YOUR side

●Leveraging nature and truth to make a quantum leap in character growth through Relational Mapping by moving the force of repression away from your Natural and Inner Character

●Reframing your entire relational lifestyle so you have 10 times the personal power

●Cognition of the invisible yet all-powerful forces of influence that have repressed you

Seeing the Social Matrix and it’s representative characteristics within women and knowing your true relationship to them

●Leveraging your representational N.I.S. character to finally be on an equal or greater true power level to any woman you approach (some guys would probably kill for this ability)

●Having cognition of the relational powers that define the ‘game’ itself.  This means you’ll have more awareness of the root relational elements than other top seduction leaders themselves even.

●Effectively deal with the leveraged powers that today’s women represent..I’m talking about the ‘Independent Career Women’ and the Social Alpha soft porn clones and everyone else

●Leverage your own Natural character growth to Alpha level.  We will do this visually through Relational Mapping to differentiate

●Natural masculine energy grounding

●Natural feminine energy perception and induction.  You won’t find other teacher’s teaching this because they essentially only see the social character of women in a social society.

Rion’s Natural Grounding lessons have allowed me to see with crystal clarity what real natural femininity looks like. It also allows me to see through the false front put up by many women today (especially in Western culture). As a result, I am not intimidated by a woman’s display of artificial value (that often comes with an inflated ego and bitchy attitude). It’s almost laughable now when I see it.  Thanks Rion!                                                                    -(Name Withheld)

●Natural feminine energy GROUNDING.  You probably never really knew that there is a natural, intuitive, responsive feminine energy.  I will teach you to find it and draw strength, hope and energy from it.  This will help you seduce more women because this is the level the real ‘game’ is played on.

●How to walk into any room and ‘BE’ the man that everyone wants to be near

●Have perception of the 3 female characteristics:

where we’ll look at T&A and help you differentiate between the 3 different root behavioral female characteristics.

There is MUCH more than meets the eye that is going on that is essentially determining all of your failure and success.

If you DON’T understand your ‘relationship’ to the powers she represents and the reality of her ‘Alpha’ behavior, you will continue to be inconsistent and missing out on all kinds of opportunities.

You can’t have sex without a woman’s essential ‘approval’ (well you can but it would be called rape) so make sure that she’s approving of you by just BEING (becoming) that man of higher (natural) character.

How to reframe your reality through Relational cognition and environmental control.  You won’t believe how much power other’s have had over you.  Doing this will let people and women KNOW that you are a strong and independent man.

●BE the man instead of ACTING like the man

●’Man Up’ in this confusing, repressive world.  And doing so without ANY shame or guilt and how to apply it towards success with women

●Experience some cultural differentiation so you are aware that there are other different types of realities and relationships

●Stop female flaking after women meet you (I don’t have flakes after they meet me)..in fact, most of the girls I choose to drop end up boomeranging back to me anyways

●Have X-girlfriends and future X’s boomerang back to YOU

●How to retain the power and lead in any relationship

●Release the burden of blaming yourself by realizing that there are other things that are even more to ‘blame’ although you will have to be accountable…you have to do this before you can ‘move on’ and I show you

The ability to actually ‘soul gaze’ into a woman’s eyes and seek for her truth of feminine character.  It’s not a surface level technique where we look at the ‘action’ itself…you’ll understand the true nonverbal depth of all of this character as you grow in your own natural character/awareness with true physiological change…the strength; the intuition, it’s here


Yes there are actual techniques to specifically help you apply and grow in character and fearlessness with Relational Dynamics.

It’s IMPORTANT that this goes way beyond ‘theory’, so I have made sure that you can apply Relational Dynamics to your lifestyle for massive growth and results.

There’s a whole cd dedicated to techniques alone.  Within EACH of the audio tracks are countless nuggets of power.  I just had to label the frame of the program itself.

So let’s look more at what’s included.

There are 9 Alpha Relational Dynamics


Here are the Chapter Titles:




With Alpha Relational Dynamics we’re going to (for the first time) see CLEARLY what those relational elements (involved in seduction) are at their root and we’re going to put them into their proper place in your life.

No more time for ‘guessing’ or looking at the byproducts of Alpha character…it’s time to become it by dealing with the core of fear and relational dynamics involved itself.


In Alpha Relational Dynamics Video Training

(4 DVD’s)

we’re also going to do:

Relational Mapping

The application center of Alpha R.D. itself!  You will be able to come back and reference these instructional videos at any time.

These are the visual models I use to train you to clearly see and apply R.D. for leveraged change and power.  Hours of training using Relational Mapping so you can ‘see’ and ground yourself in leveraged character growth.

Of primary interest to you might be the Tri-Characteristic Feminine Differentiation to get you to lack any insecurity around beautiful, sexy, Independent women.

Differentiating Yourself for True Independence & Power

The relational reframe here will probably liberate you for the rest of your life.  You’ll realize you never knew how much power that you actually have within you.  Expect to be shocked and transformed.

By aligning yourself with Universal Principles and the Relational Formula you actually get to be ‘right’ instead of it just being your quirky opinion when it comes down to standing up for things that matter.

You have the essential shortcut here because this is the truth (shown visually in front of you) of the real relationships that exist and who has the REAL power and who doesn’t.

This exercise by itself (when you truly get it and it’s quite profound yet simple) will remove the compounded lifetime of burden from on top of your natural character so that you can make the quantum leap towards Alpha itself.

You will release yourself from the umbilical cord like relationships of the past and reframe your entire reality.  Neo does this in ‘The Matrix’ and then learns how powerful he really is once he is free.

You were born fearless, it’s time to bring the truth back because other forces are massively capitalizing on your repression in the big game which you will see clearly in the Relational Mapping videos and printed diagrams.

*N.E.O (nano-elemental-oversight):

A MASSIVE paradigm shift, this video exercise alone is worth the cost of the entire program especially because most men will never achieve full power without this type of relationship.  The people who HAVE the power already are shown as well.

You will also be grounded in how to control and RETAIN that level of power by being cognitive of all the ‘Influential Trajectories’ that are coming at you (many of them within a split-second).

This is the exact metaphor of N.E.O. being able to prevent the coercive, disempowering ‘bullets’ from hitting him by having them drop to the floor.

Powers of influence have disempowered you because you unknowingly let them.  The amount of control and power you will have here will confound you.

By understanding the global/relational game, THEN you will be able to be empowered from within.

Men have low natural character (just ‘repressed’) BECAUSE of the type of relationship ALONE to the one great power itself that I will clearly show you.  You’re conditioned to be ignorant of it’s effect on you and therefore their bullets of influence have pierced complete holes in your character DAILY for years; just like Jesse Ventura’s gun in The Predator.

This exercise will allow you to put up a very real (and even instant) shield around your character so that you aren’t further deflated.

This is how you will be able to DEAL WITH the leveraged forces of power by knowing and managing your relationship with them (to your advantage or for a ‘special’ kind of power relationship).

You’ll be able to KNOW clearly when someone is trying to use, coerce, repression or influence you to their advantage and you’ll finally have the clarity and backing to stop it and stand up for yourself.

And we’ll also visually look at and cover these important other areas:

Female Natural Character/Energy Awareness

Female Social Character Awareness & Cognition

Female Inner Character Cognition:

This is where I’ll take you through visual examples of this now ‘Alpha’ type of woman

Relational Mapping: Tri-Characteristic Differentiation through Relational Fission


powerful women and Models

Because you have to understand what’s really going on and your relationship to it.  ..Educational AND entertaining..


We’ll also cover these proprietary, unique methods to help you grow into Alpha character and ‘come into your own’

Realtime Relational Cognition; starting to understand the different types of (formerly ‘hidden’) relationships that there ARE going on

N.E.O. Live Visualization; the most powerful visualization I’VE ever experienced that I haven’t shared with anyone to date.  This will actually AMPLIFY your personal power and control in realtime.  It will raise your character Fast.

Relational Fission & Fusion; I’ll help you discern the 3 root female behavioral characteristics until you don’t have to ‘break it down’ anymore..then you can move on to fusion (connection) with her

Realtime Causality Recognition; live on video I will show you things right in front of you that you were never aware and how intertwined this all is and the power of what it means for you (and liberating your psyche).

This will blow you away as you’ll also start to realize how much potential and true power you have ‘right now’.  This is an essential part in grounding you in your relationship to 2 of the 3 feminine characteristics.

True Feminine Natural Energy Induction; you just don’t know if you don’t know.  This is the pure biological character and representation.

I will show you what this really is and how to draw inspiration from it…it’s different than being pummeled by something you thought was similar

Elemental Deconstruction; I do this on video to start showing you that there really are elements and that all producer’s synergize them together for power, influence and effect

NEO: Influential Trajectories; mapping the true relationship between influential elements such as disempowering words, music, radio, t.v., opinions, invisible power struggles and being able to slow them down like N.E.O. so they NEVER affect you anymore if you don’t want them to…this will allow your own character to build up it’s strength and energy without ever being interfered with against your will (practically and ideally)

Chaos Compass; plotting out how big one small change now can ultimately be

●The process of deconditioning – reconditioning

Natural Grounding exercises

●Trial by Fire & Facing/Overcoming Fear

●Chaos theory, the butterfly effect, nuclear fission, production, social influence, intuition, synergy, potentiality, sexploitation, F.A.R.M. and much more

●PURE Independence and how you haven’t really been Independent yet like you are supposed to

and much much more



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