The definitive guide to a daily orgasm!

365 Ways to a Mind-Blowing, Deliciously Satisfying, Full-Body Orgasm


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The definitive guide to a daily orgasm!

There is nothing quite like having a sheet-gripping, earth-shattering, body-rocking orgasm–and having one every day is even better. An Orgasm – or More – a Day is an indispensable guide to having at least one satisfying and powerful orgasm each day that will leave you trembling for more. Divided into daily entries, you’ll learn tips, tricks, and orgasmic techniques sure to bring you (or a partner!) to their knees in sexual rapture. From tickling the erogenous zones and self-play to using vibrating toys and perfecting tongue-swirling oral skills, this “hands-on” manual helps you discover how to have toe-curling, back-scratching, red-hot orgasms–every day of the week!

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