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The Most Important Shift In Thinking That Will Get You Your Dream Girl

            It’s important that you don’t simply revert back to old needy behaviors as soon as you get some success with women.

            With the FOUNDATIONS program, you will internalize all the processes of meeting women from start to finish, so that when you meet the girl you want it’s on total autopilot.

            Most importantly, you will be able to trust the process that you’ve built. When you meet your dream girl, you will treat her exactly as you have all the other girls who you’ve been successful with. After all, you will have built this process to meet her.

            Inside the home-study program, you will also find:

• How to make the world your pickup lab. I set out a learning path that you can follow during a short period of your life that is designed to have you interacting with women constantly.

• Techniques to progressively desensitize yourself to being around women and taking the lead.

• The reason why most guys never realize when a woman is looking for a short-term sexual encounter.

• How to emotionally persuade women into liking you, as opposed to trying to get a logical response.

• Powerful exercises to become a better person for women to be with, inside and out.

• A detailed explanation on how to befriend large groups of people, handle social pressure, and out-alpha guys.

• How to improve your conversational skills so that you are Always adding value to any interaction.

• Specific strategies to refining and testing your sexual vibing skills

• An analysis of a seminal book on female sexuality.

• A guide to getting all the body language fundamentals down for good.

• The 6 traits that will inform women all they need to know about your confidence level.

• The most insightful and detailed explanation of female psychology…EVER! (You could study sexology and psychology for YEARS and not even come close to the details I reveal here!)

• Proven field-worthy formulas for changing a woman’s mood.

• How to build a lifestyle that engages women’s sexual interest.

• The astonishing truths behind the “Secret Society,” which I first discovered many years ago.

• A complete breakdown of club dynamics: why girls are drawn to them, and how to hold court in a variety of situations.

• How to tailor your game in ways that address the value matrix of the most attractive girls.

• Various examples of how submissive roles are used – and how to avoid being pushed into them.

• The 15 field-tested, surefire responses to congruence tests, including how to maintain the stronger frame at all times.

• The game should be fun! Ways to keep you engaged and focused on your long-term goals without ever viewing this as work.

  …and many more instantly usable tips and techniques to transition your thinking to that of a LADIES MAN.

I Will Be Your Guide Through A Perfect Pickup

            If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve found yourself becoming nervous when you’re around women.

            But have you also found yourself asking others for advice for that one particular date you wanted to go on?

            If you’re like most men, you asked one of your friends for advice, you know, the ones that are “Naturals.”

            Your friends probably gave you the best advice they could give you in that moment, telling you how to act so that you could pull of coming across as a Cool Guy.

            But for all their good intentions, they were unable to give you the core advice that you later realized would have made all the difference. It wasn’t their fault: they simply didn’t know how to articulate their advice enough for you to digest it and implement it in your game.

            If you lost the window of opportunity with that woman, it’s probably because your friends didn’t know that one of your needy behavior patterns would pop out unexpectedly.

            In the end, you failed to bring the girl home, and you took solace in the fact that you had done everything you “could,” justifying yourself by saying that even with the advice of “naturals” you couldn’t pull.

            Therefore, because their advice didn’t work, it meant that there was something wrong with the girl, right?


            It simply meant that along the process, YOU did something wrong that neither you nor your friends knew would happen. Now how will you ever know what to correct if you don’t know the mechanics to a pickup, from start to finish?

            There are 8 elements to a solid pickup. This is the meat of the program, where you’ll have total access to just the BEST of my thinking and view of pickup.

            “I must say that Tyler’s near-psychic analysis of the dynamics of any given situation…was a significant value booster for the overall package…(he) articulated the dynamics of situations and any solutions sooo far beyond anyone else it wasn’t even funny.”

Matt from Los Angeles, CA, USA

            The most important thing for you to do is to prevent yourself from getting stuck inside your head memorizing a structure, as those “dating gurus” want you to.

            With FOUNDATIONS, you will be able to go with the flow at all times, knowing how to discern what feels RIGHT in a pickup, instead of blindly adhering to a model that won’t address your particular situation. Through field-tested tactics developed through years of trial and error, you will be set to use what you want for your particular goals without ever being “manipulative” with women.

            I will teach you how to naturally direct the conversation to get you toward the eight elements of the pickup, and you won’t need me to draw a picture for it.

            For just approaching and starting a conversation with a woman (the first element), you will also learn:

  • Which types of openers are the best for engaging a women in conversation, and how to get over the “screen” every woman uses as a basis for choosing you or not.

  • What are the dynamics of working whole rooms of people and solving the funny logistical puzzles of clubs.

  • Specific techniques to speaking louder, and talking through the diaphragm to elicit responses.

  • How to hone the one thing you absolutely need when approaching directly.

  • A simple way of avoiding resistance within the first three seconds of meeting a woman.

  • The one method that will allow you to talk to women for as long as you want.

  • How to transition smoothly into “hooking” a woman, the second element of a good pickup.

  • A unique way to keep women entranced by your words.

  • How to establish dominance with your eye contact and voice.

  • A detailed explanation on how to come up with YOUR OWN MATERIAL to start conversations with women. (At RSD, this is one of the things we do differently than anybody out there, and is the one thing that will make your game skyrocket! You will stand out at a time when women are much more aware of what “pickup lines” men are using today.)

  • How to balance being authoritative while also being laid back.

  • A priceless way of keeping yourself in “super state.”

  • A step-by-step way to initiate a sexual vibe from the outset.

  • A simple technique to getting anybody’s attention without being reactive.

  • Exercises designed to make you realize that as a man, it is your duty to be a good conversationalist and add value to the night.

  • Why ANY opener will become irrelevant if you don’t have these two things down.

  • Several new tricks for structuring opportunities to help women talk.

  • How to prevent women from taking over the conversation and trying to tool you.

  • The key ways to flirting non-verbally.

  • Exercises for sparking attraction through the way you emphasize certain words. (I’ll tell you which words)

  • A quick and easy guide to keeping your body language in check.

  • How to prepare yourself beforehand for the various responses a woman may give to your opener.

  • How to strike for the elusive: neutral body language and tonality.

  • How to use the rhythm of your speech to convey high status.

  • The secret to handling a rough landing (how to break rapport and use humor and pacing to get you back into the conversation).

  • The right way to insinuate, rather than blurt out, your sexual intentions.

  • How to reinitiate lost or interrupted conversations with women.

  • A simple, surefire method of actually determining the relationships within a group without even asking.

  • A formula to make women know that you are processing what they’ve said and that you care about the conversation.

  • Specific guided tactics of how to approach women in any situation. (You’ll be thankful when that cute girl rushing to work stops to talk to you and then forgets all about her job!)

  • How to escalate physically while talking.

  • How to prevent yourself from talking too much to keep the interaction going.

  • Everything you’ll ever need to know about calibrating your delivery.

  • A guaranteed way of making every person in the group hit an emotional spike (Hint: This is VERY important if you want to spend some alone time with a woman who’s there with her friends)

  • A detailed explanation of how to use humor, and the HUGE difference between using content-related humor and being funny as a result of higher status.

  • How to elicit strong emotions right off the bat.

  • How to get over a woman’s automatic responses in order to engage her emotional mind.

  • How to make women work so that they’ll want to be guided to doing intimate things with you…a few minutes into the conversation!

  • A simple way of consistently cutting off the conversational threads that are not working to your benefit.

…and this is JUST for the FIRST element of pickup!

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