Ramit Sethi - How To Talk To Anybody

The Art and Craft of Talking to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. We ALL have challenges talking to people. We smile too much. We don’t smile at all. People get bored of our stories. They’ve called us bitchy. We apologize too much. We talk too fast. We talk too slow. We ramble…or we clam up and don’t say a word at all. We’re shy. We’re forgettable.

I’m tired of being awkward”

Not knowing what to say can be so embarrassing.

Look at these painful comments I found:

“I couldn’t sit near him without getting nervous”

“I’ll randomly remember something stupid I said?

and never able to stop beating myself up for it?”

“I actually want to go and do these things but I get really anxious”

“Literally, doing or saying nothing when I should say something”

“I know what I want to say but I don’t have the way of conveying it”

Do you see yourself in any of these comments?

How to Talk to Anybody includes:

OVER 8 HOURS OF CONVERSATION FRAMEWORKS, TESTED TACTICS, WORD-FOR-WORD SCRIPTS, SCENARIO PLANS AND FIELD CHALLENGES to practice in real life – all on video, all fully transcribed, all downloadable in audio/video formats

HOURS OF EXCLUSIVE “SOCIAL SKILLS TEARDOWNS” where I diagnose and recommend improvements to real students’ conversation roadblocks. You’ll get access to these extraordinary videos where you’ll see their social skills improve right in front of your eyes

BODY-LANGUAGE ANALYSIS so you become 10X more interesting – without changing a word. I’ll walk you through examples of before-and-after body language, including “implementation rules” to apply them to your own style

CONVERSATIONAL SCRIPTS to accompany the video lessons. Use these scripts to kickstart a conversation and keep it going – authentically and naturally

SIZE: 3,2 GB