Michael Pilinski - Without Embarassment

Without Embarrassment will show you how to get a girl for yourself by creating the perfect high status male vibe. You will witness a near magical improvement in your ability to pick up women once your ‘male mojo’ appears to go up a few notches, and the self-transformation will leave you amazed.

If you’re a guy who’s had difficulty trying to pick up women, hold their interest or even just socialize with them normally, then Without Embarrassment is the book for you. Author Michael Pilinski shows you how to analyze, understand and ultimately overcome the vice-grip of anxieties and socially awkward behaviors that might be currently screwing you up when attempting to pick up girls.

You’ll discover that the best way to pick up girls is not by using a lot of shallow verbal trickery or showing off some fake “cocky-and-funny” badass attitude, but by designing a personal aura of genuine desirability that will automatically attract sexy dating opportunities to you like bees to honey. Best of all, Mike delivers more than just a lot of do-this-do-that rote instruction, he gives you a complete in-depth understanding of the deepest motivations and thinking errors that are driving you off-course socially. You’ll learn how the basis of your love shyness could be due to misguided feelings of shame that have become linked to your natural and very human need for affection.

Fear of rejection when it comes to approaching women can be a socially paralyzing problem that haunts a surprising number of men – even guys who are otherwise fairly outgoing. If this sort of mental block gives you trouble when trying to meet women, then you’ll be excited learn how to identify, isolate and defeat this deadly “toxic shame”-based issue once and for all. You’ll understand how to be a pickup artist by breaking the destructive cycle of inhibition, self-castigation, over-thinking and other self-defeating behaviors that are holding you back.

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