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“Who Else Wants To Learn The Real Secrets Behind One of THE Most Guarded Skills In All Of NLP…

Unconscious Installation… Discover What It Is…

How It Works And What Patterns Underpin The Entire Process In This Unique And One Of A Kind Master Class Training …

Entirely Risk Free ”

Dear Friend,

Are you a looking to develop your NLP skills?

Are you fed up with confusing and misleading information about advanced NLP processes?

Are you looking for straight talking and practical information you can use?

Would you like to learn the real secrets behind one of the most powerful skills in all of NLP?

If so then you are in the right place. You’ve probably heard it whispered in quiet training room corners or posted in forums online…. Some say it’s “NLP myth” others in the know – know what it’s really about and soon so shall you.

The answer to that most guarded and one of the most highly respected skills…

“What is Unconscious Installation and how does it work?”

To date there has never been a book written about it and in the entire forty + years of NLP there has been almost zero courses on it. In fact this highly valued skill is not even taught on high priced $5,000 to $15,000 trainers trainings or advanced change programs.

That is until now.

The Foundations For A Never Seen Before Master Class Training

At first Michael was hesitant.

He could understand the frustration students expressed afterhe looked on the web.

Most of what he saw written there was confusing or plain wrong.

People from all schools of NLP were confused thinking that Unconscious Installation is:

  • Some form of advanced story telling

  • That is something that only elite trainers do

  • That all a student needed to do pick up any new skill was sit back and have skills “installed”

  • This worried him. Because nothing could be further from the truth.

    So Michael agreed to deliver an introductory master class training that would focus on 3 areas:

1. Clearing up the most common issues and confusion people of all skill levels have around this topic

2. Teach the underlying processes that underpin how this aspect of the technology works

3. Share expert secrets and insights about training, unconscious installation and learning that are not taught on trainer’s training courses.

We called this training “Unconscious Installation: What Every NLPer Needs To Know.

And I guarantee it will change the way you thinking about Unconscious Installation… as it has for so many others.

Discover The Patterns That Underpin The Art & Skills Of Unconscious Installation

Inside this program you will learn:

-A simple and powerful description of what unconscious installation really is…The answer will cut right through the widespread confusion about this frequently misunderstood topic.

-Learn critical distinctions you need to be able to notice when Unconscious Installation is occurring in everyday life contexts so you can use it.

-Discover what is the major mental limitation that many people have around what learning means and how it holds them back, but not you… when you apply what Michael is suggesting.

-Discover what are the core skills to doing unconscious installation that few people will ever know

-Learn the 3 laws of learning that every trainer needs to consider when designing or implementing a training. These three laws affect every training context no matter who you are or how good your know your content. Once you know these you’ll greatly improve how approach any training or presentation context.

-Discover how the law of requisite variety influences what kind of training and training methods you need to provide if you intend to be able to deliver specific results for your clients/participants and not just hope that if you tell a story that the change/learning will stick.

Few trainers understand this key distinction but you will.

-Learn about Michael’s unique training model that you can use to dramatically improve any communication you deliver, from a 30 minute talk to a month long training program.

-Learn the expert strategy Michael has used consistently for 13 years to transform his own skills with NLP.

Think of this as a fast track way to guaranteed results.

-Discover why you will typically need to work to multiple TOTE’s to install a strategy unconsciously. By the end of this training you’ll be clear on what skills you need to develop to become really good at this work.

-Learn a cool way to change a group’s state using the training environment to elicit a different response.

-Hear Michael share how to do phobia cure conversationally. Michael demonstrates how to apply this well known technique to conversational context.

-Discover why two people can have entirely different learning experiences when they attend the same training and what implications you need to be aware of a trainer or public communicator.

This is a must if you intend to be a world class trainer or public communicator.

-Find out why you need to know about convincers and have multiple ways of delivering them if you intend to be very good at unconscious installation. The convincers inform for the listener when it’s time to exit – you’ll learn why it’s so important to present several forms of them when working with groups.

-Learn one of the ideal times in the training context to setup “conscious” learning (knowing when and where to place conscious content is key to doing unconscious installation well…)

-Uncover the expert insight to seeding suggestions that Milton Erickson used extensively and when you use it, will significantly improve your success.

-Discover what two strategies Michael recommends you use if you are presented with an audience who is forced to attend a mandatory corporate training, so that they want to participate and not be disgruntled. (Very useful for any corporate trainer)

-Learn how to know when someone has unconsciously got it (follow this essential rule and you won’t go wrong)

-Find out what states are more useful to enable learning over long periods of time and the benefit of using “break states” to keep people attentive over long periods.(Essential knowledge for any professional trainer).

-Learn covert ways to build enthusiasm and get training participants to take on “outrageous” challenges that are highly effective (this is a cool way to supercharge the results and activities that your participants will do… willingly!)

-Find out where priming fits within unconscious installation and how you can use it to do many things in addition to installing strategies.

-And much more…

As a brilliant primer into the advanced skill area, this program teaches you the key insights into precisely what unconscious installation is all about and signposts the way for you to start becoming more skillful right away.

You’ll receive:

  • Almost two hours of rich audio training in MP3, instant download format for listening on your IPod, Smart phone or computer

  • Edited into three tracks so you’ve got quick access to the information that is of most interest to you anytime you want

  • A 50 page word-for-word PDF transcript, so you can unpack the many levels of communication Michael is teaching on and reverse engineer the nested communication structures he uses throughout. This makes an invaluable training support tool.

  • A 10 page post training assignment PDF, with a step-by-step task decomposition assignment to help you increase your installation skills.

By the end of this training you will have learnt about how Unconscious Installation works and what skills and principals underpin it that you will have never have been taught before.

This material is gold-dust for any serious trainer, coach, consultant or professional communicator.

SIZE: 105 MB (Audio, Pdf)

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Michael Breen – Unconscious Installation Contents: Audios, Pdfs



Size: 105 MB