Get your dating life HANDLED…

Do you miss out on meeting women because you don’t know what to say or get nervous around strangers? Do you get frustrated seeing men who are no better than you going home with beautiful women? Is a slow love life blocking you on your career and other relationships? Now, for the first time, the dating experts at Love Systems are releasing a complete home study course that you can learn at home, at your own pace, to get the love life you deserve.

..By Learning A Few Dating Skills

You see, all men who are good with women have a few things in common – a few essential skills that are required for meeting, attracting and being with beautiful women. These skills include demonstrating attractive qualities (without bragging!), making a woman feel appreciated and knowing how to progress physically so she doesn’t tell you “Let’s just be friends…” — just to name a few. As we’ve proven with thousands of customers, these are skills that any man can understand, practice and master. They just need the right guidance.

Because our goal at Love Systems is to help as many men as possible be their best selves, we’ve produced a home study package that teaches any man The Essentials. The main feature is an 11 DVD box-set, but it also includes e-books, workbooks, online audio and video clips as bonuses..

We Will Help You Master the Skills…

We are committed to help you become “your best self,” which includes being confident and successful with women. So, we got together 20 of the world’s best dating coaches (who have taught over 10,000 men how to get their dating life HANDLED since 2004) and designed a course that includes what they felt MUST be included. The result is a home study course that any man could use – regardless of looks or money – to date attractive women. These were the essentials that we came up with:

  • Attraction

  • The Triad Model

  • 7 Myths that hold men back

  • Qualification

  • Day Game

  • Older Men & Younger Women

  • Social Proof

  • Storytelling

  • Framing

  • Identity

  • Inner Game

If you’re new to attraction science and don’t know what some of these topics are, that’s totally understandable – this stuff is not taught in schools, workplaces, churches, or anywhere else in modern society. To get an idea of what you’ll learn, watch actual footage from the DVDs.

Here are a few features and benefits of the package:

  • 11 full-length DVDs covering all of the essentials (see list above).

  • A Taste of the Love Systems SuperConference, the annual gathering of the World’s best pick-up artists and dating coaches. All of the main lessons were filmed there. While it’s not quite like being there (where you mingle and team-up with all the instructors and students), you’ll get a bunch of the material plus have the ability to pause and replay.

  • Instruction from the World’s TOP dating coaches / pick-up artists – including Nick Savoy, Jeremy Soul, Cajun and Future. Each lesson is taught by the instructor who is an expert in the topic (e.g., we flew Jeremy Soul in from London to teach Day Game).

  • The most effective instructional techniques anywhere – including on-screen notes, drills and demonstrations. Proven formulas that have worked on more than 10,000 LoveSystems students.

  • Expert analysis / commentary by Nick Savoy on each DVD so you’ll get supplemental discussion on complicated or important topics and additional advice on where you should focus.

  • Techniques you can use right away – easy actions you can take that will immediately change the way you feel and the way women respond to you.

SIZE: 5,5 GB


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Love Systems – 11 Essentials + Bonuses Contents: Videos, Audios, Pdfs



Size: 5,5 GB