We have the ability to experience amazing ecstasy and bliss within us right now!

No need to learn fancy tricks!

We just have to simply go within and discover what is already programmed inside of us!

Most of us only get to experience the tiniest part of our sexual potential…

Yet we know that there’s more!!

We know that sex can be great but there’s a sense that we are only scratching the surface.

We know how to put the bodies together in order to make babies and have sex.

But that’s just the beginning… Like maybe the first 5%!!!

When we bring our whole beings into the act, it’s like we start colouring in the picture!

Our bodies become incredibly sensitive to our lover’s touch.

We fearlessly connect emotionally with each other, blending these powerful energies.

We breathe and move and make sound and mindlessly ride the passion flowing between us.

We feel the power in stillness and the energy that flows between us!

We are able to be fully masculine and fully feminine, unite these together and ride the momentum!

We effortlessly feel complete ecstasy and bliss flowing through our bodies.

We feel incredibly connected while we make love, and then when we spoon afterwards, and the next morning, and the next afternoon….

It sounds so fantastic and only for extreme yogis or people who are “into energy stuff”.

But the truth is that it is very simple. It’s completely natural. No tricks. No fancy postures or hand mudras or chanting.

This is what we are actually made for!

This course provides you with the Foundations for a life-long tantra practice. We learn about levels of intimacy required for true merging of two people. We learn about how our bodies are designed to merge and combine to create ecstatic states.

8 Teaching Modules

Katrina teaches a number of videos for each module. Two or three are instructional… shifting our perspectives about life, love and intimacy.. Plus integrating the ancient art of tantra into every aspect of our lives. There is also one video each module where you will have exercises and techniques to practice at home.. to truly allow for inner transformation and your own experience to shift you from the inside out.

The beautiful thing about video classes is that it’s like having a conversation together (albeit kinda one-sided)… But with tantra there is a real spirit and understanding that can be conveyed through listening to and seeing someone speak… It’s one of the wonderful benefits of our international online world!!

Module I: The Magic of Intimate Connections

Module II: Exploring Tantric Sensual Touch

Module III: Meditation + Sexuality = Transformation

Module IV: The Freedom from Goals and Expectations

Module V: Opening to Ecstasy

Module VI: Polarizing & Uniting the Masculine & Feminine

Module VII: Sensual Love-making

Module VIII: Sexual Healing & Spiritual Connections


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Katrina Bos – Fusion Tantra – Foundations of Tantric Intimacy Contents: Videos


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