Do you find it challenging when it comes to ‘approaching’ a really hot woman?

Do you let the opportunity pass by and think maybe next time I’ll make a move?
How many ‘next times’ are you going to let there be?

Are you ever left wondering why you seem to have no problems talking to everyone else but when it comes to talking to a beautiful woman you can’t seem to find the right words to say?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to even enter into a conversation with a woman that you are really attracted to?

Do the words sometimes stick in your throat?

Are you left wondering how on earth you are going to keep her interest?

Do your conversations dwindle into nothing and end up becoming uncomfortable silences?

How many more silences are you willing to experience?

Do you find yourself always being “just friends” and never the “guy she’s dating” or the “boyfriend”?

How many more times do you want to be just friends?

Have you ever been on a date with a hot woman and wanted to have sex with her but you wasted your time and energy worrying about when was ‘right time’ to even kiss her, let alone touch her, that the moment passed by?

How many sexual experiences are you willing to let slip through your fingers?

You are not the only man who has had these experiences.

All of our students have experienced many of the above.

Many of our students have confessed that in the past they had read numerous books and maybe even attended PUA seminars, but were left confused with all the different techniques and ‘pick up’ jargon.

Sometimes they have even felt the jargon ended up stopping them from even making a move because they were so confused as to which was the right technique to use!

Some of our guys have just wanted to have more choice with women.

They wanted to be meeting and dating women they really desired.

You know the kinds of women that make your head turn, the kind of women that you find fascinating to talk to.

The ones that turn you on both mentally as well as physically.

But they were only attracting women that they were not really interested in!

Other guys had not been on a date in months.

Whatever the situation you are in, you may be wondering what to say or what to do to attract the kind of women that you really find desirable.



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