An important Shift of Consciousness is occurring within you and the planet. What is your role as a Healer, Teacher or Leader during this important time?

In order to master Alchemy, transforming one possibility into another, you first must reconstruct the fundamental structure of your Personal Power Field.

Your Personal Power Field is a self-contained energy field. Once re-constructed, your Personal Power Field will give you the ability to expand your awareness and activate the new wiring system required to recognize and integrate new possibilities.

How Will Your Life Change?

  • Learn tools to quiet the noise and drama in your life

  • Master the art of remaining unaffected by the increasing chaos of the world

  • Leverage the power of the Seven Living Words

  • Dissolve self-limiting habits and patterns that were imprinted upon you as a child, but were never yours

  • Access the Inner Sanctuary within your Sacred Heart and create a conscious, intentional connection with your Soul. Know all that your Soul knows

  • Unify the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself, balancing your brain’s hemispheres

  • Remember who you are and what you came here to accomplish

  • Discover your role as a Healer, Teacher and Leader

  • Begin to see with your eyes closed

  • Change your DNA coding, increase your oxygen levels, and anchor your fourth and fifth dimensional chakra systems

  • Learn to use the Rays of Creation

  • Remember your role in Atlantis

This course has been specially designed so you can receive all the tools and training in a leisurely and comfortable manner, without the inconvenience or expense of travel.

SIZE: 4,5 GB


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Jim Self – Mastering Alchemy Program Level 1 Contents: Videos, Audios, Pdfs



Size: 4,5 GB