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More girls, more fun, more power, more charm,

more status, more WIN.


I share with you a little tricks I picked up that makes her SUBCONSCIOUS like you more than it already does.

I give you advice that will forever change the course of your life.

And by change, I mean make 10-100X better..

Video contents:


Choosing a monologue

Bonus Training – The Tension Dial

Ancient Seminar Footage

Illegal Conversation Hacks

3 Steps to Getting Her Sexually Addicted to You

7 Ways to Get Her Fantasizing About You

Movie Star Charisma

On Your Knees

Sexual Rapport

Audio Content:

Creating Sexual Tension

12 Ways to Never Get Cheated On


Creating Sexual Tension Report

7 Alpha Male Mindset Hacks

50 Questions

Hidden Notes

Mack Tactics

Natural Game

Private Stash

Quicksand JC PUA Tactics

Seduce Her With Text


Texting Cheat Sheet

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Jason Capital – Creating Sexual Tension Contents: Videos, Audios, Pdfs



Size: 720 MB