Female Manipulation Strategies - The Professor of Pimpology

Female Manipulation Strategies – The Professor of Pimpology

Most men are unaware of the subtle manipulation techniques that women have learned to use since they were children. But she’s known the power of her tears and emotions to get what she wants from men since she was a child. She’s got you off your game with a little crying here and a little pouting there.

She wants you to be off your game so she employs the Art of Emotional Manipulation. This is her method of emotionally motivating you to act. The only weapon a woman has against a man is her emotions. Because she’s got you once you’re in your feelings! Learn her game so you can beat her instead of her beating you!

You’ll Discover:

  • How She Mentally Manipulates You Into Submission

  • How Women Get You Emotionally Attached

  • The Only 4 Needs Women Use All Men For

  • The Exact Process She Uses To Ruin Time With Your Friends

  • The 2 Ways Women Control And Manipulate You

  • How To Beat Her Emotional Endurance Tests

  • How To Reverse The Game On Her And Use her Tricks

And More…….


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