Alpha Male Strategies

Alpha Male Strategies: Amplify Your Dating and Sex Life by 1000%

In the game of seduction, the one who needs the other less has more power. Create the conditions where she needs you more than you need her.

The mindset is:

I want her, but I don’t need her. I don’t need her because I have another chick on the side, and I have the game skills to go out and meet a new woman any time I want, bitch ass motherfucker! FUCK YOU!”2

Engage with women from a position of leverage, power, abundance, overflowing good emotions, and power – not from a position of weakness, neediness, desperation, and begging. Approach women from a metaphorical overflowing cup – not a half empty cup.

Here is a brutally cold fact about the game:


Women want to fuck. They just don’t want to fuck losers.  They want to fuck powerful high status men.

So men are forced to play mind games that increase their perception of subjective power. It’s not that men necessarily care about power inherently, but it’s that POWER TURNS WOMEN ON, so men care about having this power.

A woman is a sheep, mindlessly conforming to other sheep. To seduce a sheep, you have to understand the sheep’s primal desires and show yourself as the fulfillment of those primal desires.

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” – The Godfather

Strive to be the relatively powerful one in the relationship. After all, possessing a high degree amount of power is what turns women ON. Women are biologically programmed to sexually respond to power, dominance, and status.

This is the secret of the Jerk; he seizes social power, and frames himself as a high status man. He interacts with women from a position of dominance, and doesn’t give a fuck if that pisses some people off.

The jerk intuitively understands one of the secrets in the game of power. Power isn’t handed away on a silver platter. It must be taken!!! It must be conquered!!!

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