Discover Exactly What To Do From Getting A Woman’s Number The Right Way…All The Way To The Moment She Jumps In Your Bed!

…Even if you think you hate texting and the numbers you do get always flake!

In 2012, I convinced Gareth to come down to my Direct Dating Summit event and reveal his system to the select group of attendees. Because of time constraints, he was only able to share about an hour’s worth of material, but even that was so mind-blowing for the attendees that they were lapping it up, using it that same day and already getting results!

Since then, Gareth has only revealed his complete system to his private coaching clients for at least $250 per hour of his time. But, today, I’m letting you in on an exciting opportunity…

I recently twisted Gareth’s arm and got him to come share his complete texting system with a handful of my students via webinar.

Now, this wasn’t one of those hour-long presentations with a long story, maybe 10 minutes of actual content and then a massive sales pitch at the end like you might have seen before.

This was a 3+ hour, no “fluff” Masterclass of in-depth, actionable guidance from the world’s texting master. During the course of the training, Gareth revealed…

  • Exactly what your first text should say, and exactly when to send it…so you instantly separate yourself from all the other guys who are desperately messaging her to try to get into her panties…

  • The seductive sequence you must implement before you can start turning things sexual and sexting. Fail to do this, or even get the order wrong, and you’ll instantly look like a horny creep!

  • The 5 pillars to getting her number in the most effective way…so she says yes and is excited to hear from you again!

  • The 3 killer mistakes that cause 99% of guys to get flaked on…and how to avoid them…

  • The three “CPL” elements you must include for your texts to have any persuasive power…forget these and your messages will fall flat and she won’t reply!

  • The 7-step roadmap for setting up a date…so she eagerly agrees and shows up excited to see you!

…As you can see, Gareth really delved deep and didn’t pull any punches!

Now, if Gareth took you through all this material personally during a series of 1:1 sessions with him, it would cost you over $1,000. But I’m not going to charge you anything close to that to get hold of all this material.

Today, because you’re clearly committed to getting your text game handled so you can meet and date the women you desire, here’s what I’ve got for you…

Gareth Jones’ Text Game Masterclass

3+ hours of in-depth training, including Gareth’s texting system, giving you a complete roadmap from how to get her number all the way to setting up a romantic date she can’t wait to go on!

This is the exact system Gareth personally uses and has taught his private clients, which enables you to confidently get her details, follow-up, and get her out on a date with you the right way, without being creepy, needy, or having endless conversations that lead nowhere.

Gareth’s Full Notes And Companion Guide

Bonus PDF containing Gareth’s own personal notes for the training. This bonus guide covers all the major takeaways, so you can reinforce the key learnings and make sure you are implementing the techniques you learn from the Masterclass.

…How many more women are you going to let slip through your fingers?

Isn’t it time you mastered this crucial aspect of seduction, so you can finally stop wondering “why didn’t she reply?”

You’ve gone through all this effort to get women’s numbers…why not follow through and actually get them to meet you!

SIZE: 3,4 GB


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Size: 3,4 GB