Fitness Model Transformation

Exercises for Posture, Proportion, and Physique. Brought To You by ACE Certified Personal Trainer

What you’ll learn

  • A full 12 week Exercise Guide and Program

  • 8 Essential Exercises to Enhance Your Posture

  • Goal Setting For a Healthy Body

  • Tracking Your Progress Tips

  • How To Break Bad Habits, and Which Habits are Best for Healthy Lifestyle

  • Essential Stretches to Complete Before and After Exercises

  • What Exercises are Best for a Proportional Physique

  • How to Live and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Introducing: Fitness Model Transformation

In this course you will learn how to be fit, beautiful, and healthy from three unique perspectives

1. Physical Training

2. Nutrition

3. Psychological Strategies

Bet you thought we were just going to discuss the physical aspect

Not exactly. A LOT more goes into truly being fit, and that INCLUDES what you put inside your body (nutrition) and the mindset that you keep while on your fitness journey

Everything in this course is broken down into short videos that don’t require more than 6 MINUTES of your time per week.

Accompanying the videos are short assignments, that ask you to reflect on your own life, and make immediate changes.

SIZE: 1,4 GB

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Fitness Model Transformation Contents: Videos, Pdfs