Emory Green – Proven Psychological Manipulation Techniques

Emory Green stumbles on his passion to explore the darkest of human nature in his 2 decades of practice in Business Psychology. Having worked with key leaders of giant industries, politics, and diverse people who are committed to winning at all costs, he is witness to the dark secrets of success. A trusted consultant and advisor, he has been both a friend and a foe to the most effective manipulators of their fate, and that often involves other people’s fate, of course. CEOs, great leaders, charming Casanovas, and masters of manipulation, they all have their way of using tactics and having specific behaviors that facilitate their effectiveness in their crafty crafts and success. Emory Green has spent more than a decade studying these people and this led him to explore the dark side, so that others may see the light. Emory Green has now retired and is living a good life in his Alaskan home, hoping to share what he knew about darkness. Explore Dark Psychology with Emory Green as your willing guide. There are days when all I see is light because I knew what darkness was. And I understood. In all of us, there’s some darkness somewhere within, and also among us, there are some whose darkness they can’t be without. Emory Green
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