Dear friend on the path,

Welcome to The Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening.

I know many of you are experiencing inner transformation. Perhaps you have begun to realize the possibility within yourself of living from a different state of consciousness—a state we call “the awakened state.”

But transformation often presents challenges. A difficulty many people come up against is how to integrate and stabilize their arising new consciousness in daily life.

The dance between the world of form and the formless, or the un-manifested, can lead to suffering and confusion.

Many of you may be asking, “How do I live in this world and stay rooted in deeper states of Being and Presence?”

The School of Awakening was designed to help you transcend the egoic state of mind that makes life seem like a series of frustrating or unsatisfying experiences. Awakening is a release of the dysfunctional state of mind that creates suffering so you can discover and live from your true essence—what I refer to as the “Deep I.”

The world will continually challenge and try to pull you out of living from this awakened state of consciousness.

Your commitment is what keeps you rooted in the present moment.

This can lead to the realization that your primary purpose in life is awakening—living consciously and being a bringer of consciousness in the world.

The School of Awakening will further the awakening of consciousness that is already happening in you and allow you to integrate it more continuously in everyday life.

Eckhart Tolle

What Is The Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening?

The Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening is the deepest and most comprehensive course that Eckhart has ever taught, and you will be supported every step of the way.

You’ll be part of a six-month online immersion program that includes two live virtual four-day retreats plus two bonus virtual retreats.

You’ll also receive ongoing monthly teachings, practical exercises, and meditations to help support the continued unfolding of your awakening process.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the program will be the vibrant community of like-minded people dedicated to a path of awakening and service.

Here’s what you can expect to experience in the program:

  • ​A deepening into stillness, Presence, and your true power

  • Fully grounding the essential practices for an awakened life

  • Joining others on the path who are fully committed to living a life of Presence and a peaceful existence

  • Taking time for oneself to cultivate meaningful relationships that feed and nurture your “Deep I”

  • Finding ways to bring presence in your own life and out into the world to be of service to humanity

  • Releasing obstacles and self-imposed limitations to spiritual awakening

After completing the program, you’re meant to go out into the world with a greater sense of who you are and why you are here.

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