Learn what EVERY man must understand BEFORE even ATTEMPTING to attract women.


I travelled a lot in my early 30’s. During that time, I met a small number of guys who didn’t really have any “game” or “pickup skills”, yet still always seemed to have an abundance of the very most beautiful girls in their company.

None of these men were particularly handsome, nor were any of the many women who adored them the “gold digger” type. Naturally, as a hardcore student and (back then) teacher of the “PUA” mindset, I was intrigued as to why these average-looking guys were able to attract so many women with virtually no effort. I came to refer to then as “Naturals”.

What I realised is that these men had something that the vast majority of men lack, and will most likely spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out. I studied the way they carry themselves, the things they said & the actions they took, and the way they felt about women and themselves, and eventually began to understand the core of their mindset, which I have explained in this book. (More information following the payment information below).

About the book (continued)…

The most immediately noticeable difference between these “Natural” guys and practically every other man on the planet is the way they react to the presence of attractive women. The average guy (including self-proclaimed “pickup artists”) will immediately switch into “acquisition” mode. Their baseline thought is “I must pick up/acquire this woman, and then I will feel good”. However there is also the accompanying fear, which generally manifests as approach anxiety.

However, to the Natural, a woman is seen as a potential friend or ally. He already feels good about himself, and so therefore doesn’t have any thoughts about picking up or acquiring women in order to “fill the hole” (pardon the metaphor) in his self-esteem. And there is no reason for him to feel any fear, because he has no plan or agenda. He’s quite happy, whatever the outcome, should he and the woman interact.

This puts women massively at ease around him. They are able to open up in a way that they rarely get a chance to around average guys who are generally either only interested in acquiring a sexual experience from them, or too nervous to even speak to them. When the Natural feels attraction for a woman, he doesn’t slip into acquisition mode. Instead he is looking to invite her to co-create mutually enjoyable experiences. In other words: He has her interests at heart as well as his own.

It all boils down to developing a healthy level of self-esteem. And that starts with intentionally and unconditionally giving, as opposed to giving as tool for acquisition. That’s what this book is about.

This is THE shortcut that lets you avoid YEARS of struggling with this area of your life so that you can become the type of guy women NATURALLY want to spend time with.

All but the most superficial women don’t mind if you’re “flawed” in some way. The key is to become a man who is comfortable in his own skin despite what you might think is unattractive about yourself. It’s when a woman can see that you’re good at expressing your authentic self, and that your authentic self is a guy who knows he is enough, that she can decide that she’s into you. You don’t need to buy her drinks and flowers, do her favours, be a “nice guy” or pretend to be a “bad boy” to win her affection. You just need to become a man who is perfectly at ease with himself and knows that any challenges life throws at him won’t throw HIM off his path in life. This book will teach you how to adopt this mindset.


It’s NOT about “How to bang as many girls as possible”. This is not a pickup artist manual!

The contents of this book are far more powerful and life-changing than that.


Inside this book:

  • Delve deeply into the 3 CORE PRINCIPLES a man must internalise in order to become successful in this area of life: Learn how to BECOME A MAN WHO IS COMFORTABLE IN HIS OWN SKIN, able to EXPRESS YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF WITHOUT FEAR OF REJECTION.
  • Trying to attract and create deep connections with women will ALWAYS be a HUGE CHALLENGE without a solid grasp of these principles.
  • The CLEAR AND SOLID ACTION PLAN to guide you through the process of becoming the man who knows in his heart that he DESERVES and can NATURALLY ATTRACT the type of women he desires.
  • This is THE SOLUTION for men who have tried “pickup” methods and still suffer the painful symptoms of APPROACH ANXIETY, FEAR OF REJECTION, and DISAPPOINTMENT at the results of using outdated “PUA” strategies in their efforts to meet and attract women. Your  days of having to memorize “game” routines and strategies are over.


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