The Sex God method has been the most comprehensive guide to the “Psychology of Sex” for many years now. Mastering the principles in these videos not only makes you much better in bed, it also makes you stand out, because the vast majority of guys do not understand this stuff.

This is a “mindset changing” course that will deeply change your perspective of what sex is all about. No matter your sexual level or experience, you are bound to learn a lot of new ideas and original techniques. This course is a clear and simple framework for maximizing your sexual potential.

Dan Rose is the author of the Sex God Method, The Sex Revolution Handbook and a sex coach for men. His sexual improvement journey started when he lost the girl of his dreams after a bad sexual performance. After this, he dedicated his life to learning how to become a great lover.

After years experimenting with different sexual techniques, he eventually discovered that the key to giving women orgasms was to trip her four psychological “Orgasm Triggers.” Once he learned what these triggers were — and how to use each one — he was able to give women multiple orgasms and intensely satisfying sex. Now, Dan teaches men how to become great lovers through using the four Orgasm Triggers.

The author, Daniel Rose, explains that sex and emotion work together; therefore sex (when done right) is fundamental to developing a very strong relationships where the girl falls deeply in love with you. Sex should be seen as the ultimate attraction and maintenance tool for great relationships. In his words:

“Lots of guys consider the first time you have sex with a woman the end of a seduction; I do not. I consider it the beginning.”

This is excellent advice. In my opinion one of the most often overlooked ‘root issues’ where guys are having trouble keeping their girlfriends or suffering from only ‘same night lay syndrome’ is a sexual experience than less than distinguishes you from the rest.

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