Tantra and Daoist Teachings on How to Penetrate a Woman with Love

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Hi, my name is Beth Leone. Some call me The Taoist Priestess…

My close friends call me Sifu or Sensi… while others call me a ‘Warrior Priestess of Love’.

I’be been devoted to learning wisdom from lineages of healing and empowerment for much of my life and have traveled the world finding knowledge of the Great Mystery.  I hold 5 black belts in kung fu and am the first female master instructor in my martial art lineage.

I am fiercely devoted to living one’s mission here on earth and gaining the necessary tools to be a powerful force of good in your environment. I share the lineage teaching from the ancient martial art traditions of honor and integrity as well as sacred wisdom from shamanic, Taoist and Priestess lineages to support women to live authentic lives of feminine empowerment and to leave a legacy.

2 hours video of teaching on how to penetrate with love.

What women mean when they say they want an awakened man in love able to make love to them and to God

How to transform yourself and your lingam (penis) into a healing tool able to shine light into the darkness

Tantric and daoist sexual practices for cultivation

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Beth Leone – Lingam of Light – Art of Female Ecstasy Contents: Videos



Size: 390 MB